The Stretch ceiling is:
 – 100% Recyclable, At Batica-Renov USA, we respect the environment.All our ceilings are 100% recyclable and have A + certification for indoor air emissions.
 – Fast and clean, Batica-Renov USA stretch ceilings can be installed in a matter of hours without messy dust, removal your furniture or smell.
– Acoustic Absorbent, Batica-Renov USA stretch ceilings improve the acoustic comfort of your room by absorbing sound waves. Invite calm in your home and your office.
– Insulation Airtight, the Batica-Renov USA stretch ceiling optimizes your thermal insulation and saves you on your heating or cooling budget.
– Aesthetic Lacquered, satin, matt, suede, translucent, marble, chameleon, sparkling, printed or your choice of image, Batica-Renov USA stretch ceilings come in more than 300 colors and thousands of pre-printed.
 – Convenient The Batica-Renov USA stretch ceilings are installed and deposited with ease according to your desires and your needs (modification, electrical circuit, heating, leaking etc …)
– Solid Thanks to its non-rigid structure, Batica-Renov USA ceiling absorbs most of all shocks without damage. Highly resistant, the Batica-Renov USA stretch ceiling can even limit water damage.
– Easy No maintenance is required for the entire range of Batica-Renov USA stretch ceilings membrane.
– Durable Moisture free, the Batica-Renov USA PVC stretch ceilings do not fear infiltration or condensation. In addition, the ceilings membrane have a systematic warranty of 10 years for any weld failure on the harpoon. 
We use only European Approved vinyl Membrane.

Miami Beach Stretch ceiling
Vinyl thin membrane stretch ceiling
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