Contractors, what is the REAL COST and time installing your DRYWALL ceiling ?

We have the easy solution for you, the stretch ceiling system.
We already work with numerous of GC who have chosen to let us do the job.
I believe we can help you, if we meet in time before all the drywall are installed.

We have different finish Matte, Satin, Translucent and Glossy all are coming in different color.
The finish is flat and perfect, the job can be done the same day it will depend of the surface.

We can meet your client as well and show them our catalogs and samples.

For large area like warehouse with high ceiling, we can also provide you different solution.
Don’t hesitate give us a call for an estimate or send us picture of your project by SMS or by email.
We use only European Approved vinyl Membrane.

Printed translucent Stretch Ceiling by Batica-Renov USA
Stretch Ceiling Black glossy mirror
Stretch Ceiling Same Day Installation
Stretch Ceiling NO LEAKING
Stretch ceiling No Mess