Today, the abilities of stretch ceilings most of the time, allow to install any complexity ceiling systems. Stretch ceiling refers to a category of products where you cannot just go to a supplier at the corner or online and buy at the fixed price. How is the price of a PVC stretch ceiling calculated per square foot? The cost of laying always by square foot? The price of the stretched ceiling is not calculated simply per square foot, its price also depends on various factors.
You will find on this page some indications and answers to know how the price is calculated.
How much does it cost? The price of the stretch ceiling per square foot ranges start at $6 and up depending on your desired design. The cost of the stretch ceiling in each case will be determined individually, we can provide you an average but the final estimate will be given by final measurement and inspection premise. There is no a special tariff grid to apply on. The price will be determined by those factors:
Stretch ceiling finish vinyl membrane,
Number of angles or curved area,
Pipe or very narrow angle,
Light, Chandelier, Fan, smoke detector, AC vents, speaker,
Ceiling curtain rails base plate,
Sliding window or window high to the ceiling,
Multi-Levels constructions,
Order Quantity.
How you can save money?
Simply calling us, before starting any renovation plan, we will advise you on certain little things before your installation.
Wholesale Contractor pricing, please contact us.
We use only European Approved vinyl Membrane.

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