The Fifth wall inspiration

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I created Batica-Renov Stretch ceiling in south of France in June 1990, my company still active and doing business.

I started Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling USA in 2014, with the same passion of this wonderful material who transform your room as quick as the same day usually.

The Stretch Ceiling System also called in my country the “French Ceiling” from where it’s original, the Stretch Ceiling system was created in 1967 in France and the company is Number 1 Worldwide.

Renovate, modernize a regular ceiling in an apartment/house/business after work our self or with a ceiling contractor is not always a simple thing, is sometimes long and tedious work.

The stretch ceiling is made to measure exclusively for you and your room.

The stretch ceiling is ideal to hide the defects of your old ceiling, popcorn, uneven concrete or drywall, renovation, rehabilitation and/or just a new design, simply a desire to improve its habitat and take attention at the ceiling decoration.

The stretch ceiling will transform your interior, mostly in one day.

Convenient it allows you to incorporate spotlights, air conditioning, chandelier output, radiant heating and home theater screen, reduce the noise of your room or room with the acoustic ceiling. The quality of the ceiling stretched and primordial.

It is a false ceiling it arises below your existing ceiling the lowering will be less than 1-inch.

We have hundreds of color to show you and numerous of finish.

Stretch ceiling expandable memory
White suspended vinyl ceiling
Stretch Ceiling Custom Printed
Superbe Black Reflective Stretch Ceiling